Ordered a new valve/controller and installed it. 6 Water overflow sensed. Low voltage – the voltage must be between 115 and 125 VAC. Table 1. A blinking light on a water heater could mean any number of things. To reduce the risk of property damage, serious injury or death, read and follow all labels on the water heater and the safety instructions in the printed owner's manual. Temper water to heater. 32,744 satisfied customers. Read descriptions for imp info volume water heater pilot light keeps going honeywell gas valve on a water heater flammable vapor sensor on water heater. $69.99. Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status Light Blinking 7 Times. However, since multiple people have asked: from what I’ve been able to find, the meaning of the six-flash signal varies depending on your exact model. Look at the Status Light on the gas control valve. I have a state water heater (which are made by A.O. item 7 Honeywell Water Heater Gas Valve WV8840B1109 7 - Honeywell Water Heater Gas Valve WV8840B1109. Consult the manual that came with your water heater. This honeywell gas valve is getting a bad wrap online. 6. Understanding diagnostic flashes. Contact Plumbing professional. PowerVent with Honeywell Electronic Control (PowerVent ESII and PowerVent ESII with Electronic Control) Technical Competence, Product Confidence Page 1 of 7 1623.DOC Service Mode Service Mode is entered by pressing down and holding all keys for 5 seconds. During ignition sequence you will NOT have power to the yellow indications and causes of a gas water heater fault will apply. Ask a customer care specialist We have a trained team ready 24/7 to answer your questions and help you get back on track. To reset the heater, you must first cycle the power to the unit OFF and ON. This system will shut off the water heater if the Water heaters covered by this handbook water temperature becomes excessive. For those of you who wish to the best ao smith honeywell water heater gas valve 8 flashes, you should not miss this article. Vent termination restrictor is installed, only if required. A. I have a Honeywell state select water heater gas I was away for about 15 days came home no hot water … read more. The water heater did not work. After less than 4 yrs of having the Whirlpool water heater, I got 4 flashes. IF the water heater goes to main burner, then the water heater is not at fault. smith), the gas valve went bad so I had to replace it. 2. Honeywell are normally a reliable make and shouldn't give many problems. Some time ago I had that happen and because of the age my repair man said it would cost too much to repair it. Gas and Oil Home Heating Furnaces - Honeywell SV9541 Smart Valve - 6 and 4 flashes - Howdy All, I have a question about my furnance. Doc Viewer – Rheem Heating, Cooling And Water Heating … Unit will cycle 3 times and then lock out with 6 flashes. 6. Replace the control board. Fig. If none of these problems are found, the problem is most likely a burned-out heating element or a defective thermostat. Replace the control board. Page 8: Combustion Chamber With Tco Switch • The water heater and/or pipes is located in the center of the switch, Scalding Risk are located in an area with high directly between the terminals. May 29, 2019. When I screw the gas adapter, just half way in the screw, the housing cracked. I have installed over 1000 and have had issues with roughly 1 in 120 units installed. Water: When the water leak detector or cable sensor detects water. Honeywell Water Heater Blinking Red Light. Low voltage – the voltage must be between 115 and 125 VAC. This type of troubleshooting is commonly found in Air Conditioning or heat pump system, or even Honeywell thermostat flashing cool on. To reset a simple malfunction, press and release the red "Reset" button on the side of the primary control. Apparently my post on the four-blinks situation has fooled them into thinking I’m some sort of authority on the subject, and they failed to notice my disclaimer that any answers given will be made up on the spot and are unlikely to be of any practical use. Is your water heater showing a flammable vapor sensor code? 7. Inspect pressure switch tube for blockage 4. 4.6 out of 5 stars 678. — See Honeywell product specialist for other available accessories.