Create Seed Logs to Record Data for Your Seeds. Gardening with kids is one of my favorite activities to do year round! Getting things wrong risks yields, profits, the environment and non-compliance with regulations. The Seed Starting Log allows you to input data on your seedlings, as well as the seeds you have collected. Categories Gardening Books Tags . Any nonorganic seed or planting stock you use must be untreated, or treated only with allowed materials, and non-GMO. Then there are other sheets for lists I might want to keep, like which plants are visited by butterflies or hummers, to see if there are gaps in food sources, night bloomers, fragrant bloomers, whatever you want to list. NGSS: Disciplinary Core Idea LS1.C Follow our Outdoor … Just enter the Day # and Seed/Plant type and have students record their observations with words or drawings. *Crop Production Aids include grafting materials, potting soil mixes, greenhouse materials, growth regulators, pH adjusters, buffers, sticking agents, spreading agents, etc. Feel free to download and print these sheets as you wish. Use this form to keep track of seeds and planting stock used in organic production. Use your application records or materials list from last year’ s inspection report as a reminder. List all materials you plan to use this production year below. You can also record when you planted each plant, where, type of soil, type of fertilizer, and schedule of planting. Farm and Field Record Sheets. Material It is also good to capitalize on plant species’ natural bloom times. the folder for recording information related to crop production. Plant diversity. Jan 28, 2019 - Track the growth of a plant or seed with this simple, handy chart. A sheet … The standard record book comes with enough sheets to keep records on up to 12 fields and 100 cows. Plant diverse plant species which will increase your yard’s wildlife interest. Examples of creeper-leaper combos are vine crops, watermelons, or musk melons. These records will guide you about when to plant, divide, start seeds, or collect seeds for future years. April 30, 2020 March 10, 2020 by Kristina Hicks-Hamblin. Avid plant propagators may appreciate records like these: How long seedlings grew indoors before being transplanted outdoors and whether that timing allowed enough, too little, or too much time for a great performance outdoors. The third sheet is all blank, since I might have missed some of your favorite veggie, or you can use it for herbs, flowers, etc! If you aren’t finding the answers and help you need, please check out some of our other resources like our Gardening Advice Blog or our Frequently Asked Questions Page. Growing my own veggies, flowers, and herbs means that there are a few necessities I can’t get by without – like seeds, good soil, water, and sunshine. Children can then observe changes as the seeds begin to sprout and grow over time and record their observations on the free printable recording sheet! Field Files can also be used to store legal records for restricted-use pesticides, soil survey information, aerial photos, and other documents. In the cold winter months you can even start seeds indoors. Below you will find helpful care and grow sheets for many different types of plants and flowers. Plant Care Sheets. Combine creepers and leapers. 7 of the Best Gardening Journals to Plan, Record, and Celebrate Your Garden. Information recorded while in the field should be transferred to the appropriate table on the Field File on a regular basis. Every region has local planting guides, use them as a start. Broadly applying nutrients at recommended rates doubles the yield of most crops. A sheet to list things I want - and WHY, where I think it should go. If additional fields are needed, simply print or copy all four pasture record sheets (pages 10-13) for each additional field. Statutory rules for nitrogen management apply in NVZ's. All seed and planting stock must be organic unless an organic equivalent is not commercially available. You can invent different color symbols for starting seed, transplanting, and harvesting. Good nutrient management is one of the keys to farm profitability. It will add more on the success rate of the said companion planting. Table 1.